American Villain Presents: villain life cd compilations

American Villain stands behind our music scene.  We live it, we support it.  We have years collectively put into the Upstate NY music scene. We put out these cd compilations to help artists who share our philosophy get heard.   Bands we have worked with: Nonpoint, All That Remains, Flaw, 40 Below Summer, It Lies Within, and numerous unsigned artists.
Live life. Villain life. That is our mantra. But what does it mean? It's quite simple. We are the part of society who doesn't get handouts. We are the ones who show up to work tired and leave exhausted. We are the ones who value family and brotherhood. We are the downtrodden. The social outcasts. The ones who don't "belong". We stick together and weather the storm. We are survivors. We send Fear through Fashion with No Fucks Given. Like it or not, we are contenders. Like it or not, we are built for longevity. And like it or not, we are here to stay.